Latest Music:

Thirstlands is a new project with Phil Hirvela, Craig Kickbush and Darran Muller. These are our first three songs.


Starbait is a songwriting collaboration with Pauliina Muller. This are our first two songs, Impressed and Vapour.


Ecliptic is an originals project with Phil Hirvela (guitar), Craig Kickbush (bass), Jamie Clark (guitar) and Paul Hudson (drums). These 12 songs comprise our debut, self-titled album.

Live Gig Recordings

I've been recording a few of my gigs, so listen below, or go to the playlist page

About Me


I studied jazz voice and piano at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. During my first attempt at the degree, I began working professionally both as a solo artist and in a variety of corporate acts. After 15 years or so in the industry, I decided to finish my degree, and am now a full-time teacher in popular music/music industry and multimedia.

A decade or so on, and I had been in a number of original and covers bands, as well as singing and writing jingles. I taught myself to design and develop websites, and started to find employment in that field as well. These days, as well as teaching, I'm keenly pursuing my love of music through public and corporate gigs, and songwriting projects.

I don't try to play music in a complicated or impressive fashion. I simply try to connect with the song, and through that connect with my audience. It's a work in progress...

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